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Latest News

The Warren County Planning commission is proposing significant changes to the policies related to approvals for short term rentals.
In a resent meeting of more than 8 of the fourteen Sanitary Districts and multiple sub divisions from within Warren County there was significant discussions in which concerns and opposition to the proposed changes were expressed.
The consensus of the group was to express strong opposition to the changes yet to try to find a middle ground that the planning commission and board of supervisors might be willing to accept while protecting existing property owners. The county had offered two potential modifications ( “Option A” and “Option B”), both of which the group of over 20 individuals felt did not take into account existing developments which already had established policies via covenants and/or by-laws governing short term retails.
Further concerns were expressed as to the ability by the county to enforce proper behavior of tenants, HOA/POAs and subdivisions ability to have direct input into any annual re-lisencing of a short term rental within a HOA, POA, and/or subdivision and well as input to initial consideration for approval, all were of great concern.
Many folks discussed the multiple issues that had come up in there areas with those already approved.
It was clear that there was agreement that the expectations of both property and home buyers had for their environment was based on where they bought and based on the regulations they agreed to when they purchased their property. There were strong feelings about what is perceived as to the county attempting to come along and universally making existing covenants less restrictive. They saw them as protecting them from the type of environment they did not want. (Questions as to the legality of such action were raised but not yet formally answered.)
Further based on the relaying of multiple discussions by the participants with county officials and/or board of supervisors it was clear that multiple county officials believed that short term rentals were needed to bring in additional tourist revenue. We also heard multiple stories of developers being pressured to consider if their development plans would support short term rentals.
The group decided to attend the meeting at the county planning commission work session on September 13 and to support presenting an “Option C”. In short “option C” is a modification of the county’s proposed options. The compromise would still allow short term rentals in new developments and in an existing developments but only when additional new property was added to an existing sanitary district or subdivision that prohibited short rentals, and only on the newly added property. (The theory is new purchasers would know before buying of the possibility of short term rentals, but existing owners remain protected.)
Further all existing Sanitary Districts, sub divisions and property owners which had covenants prohibiting short term rentals, they would remain in effect and no attempt would be made by the county to circumvent, basically grandfathered in. This would protect those that had in good faith purchased property believing they were protected from such potential disruptions.
High Knob, if this approach is accepted, would not have any additional short term rentals approved as our existing covenants only allow for rentals of 6 months or greater.
Existing Short Term rentals already approved by the county would remain but we would have direct required input at time of renewal.
How can property owners help with adoption of this approach, please show up at the planning meeting at the county offices on the 13th of this month?
As we understand the process, the county planning commission after the 13th will then make a final recommendation to the board of supervisors who may accept, modify or reject their recommendation at a future public meeting, possibly on the 19th.
Thank you for your time to read this,
Watts Hill
Vice President, High Knob Owners' Assoc.


The next regular Board of Directors meeting

will be

October 9, 2023, 8 p.m.

 to be held in the clubhouse and 

also by Zoom


Please consider signing the Petition of Safety Improvements at High Knob Entrance. Residents Carol Phillips and Felipe Dominguez are leading the effort to make our entrance safer. For more information and to sign the petition, please click the link below.

Petition Information



Coffee and Bagels Group has resumed meeting in the clubhouse every Tuesday at 10:00 a.m.

You must be COVID vaccinated to attend.


The clubhouse is open for rentals!

If you would like to rent the clubhouse, please contact the office for availability


Update to Parking Policy

adopted by the Board of Directors

Please click to view the document


​If you are approached by a solicitor on High Knob, please contact the Sheriff's Department @ 540-635-4128.

They can respond to complaints of unlawful solicitation to let the person(s) responsible know they need to stop and leave.  


Other News

Please Clean Your Culverts!

Jerry asks that everyone please clean their culverts. The culvert that runs under your driveway is the homeowner’s responsibility to keep it clean.  Clogged culverts cause the water to be diverted into the roadways, which can cause lots of problems. If you don’t clean them yourself, our field services crew will have no choice but to charge a fee of $35.00 to clean it for you. 

After Hours Emergency Answering Service


Please note that our answering service is for emergency calls only. Examples of emergencies include a broken water line, a tree blocking the road, or icy conditions make driving impossible. When an emergency call is received by the answering service, staff are called at home.

If you have a non-emergency message for staff, please call the business office at any time and leave us a message at 540-635-6086 or 540-635-6131.  We will retrieve messages during regular business hours.  Thank you!
Bus Stop News 
HKOAI is working to keep the area of the school bus stop clean and safe. While the Office would like to be informed if problems arise, any problems that cannot be handled by parents and students at the bus stop should be referred to Tony Bernal, the Route Coordinator for the Warren County School System. His telephone number is 540/636-2600, extension 2. His admin can be reached using the same phone number, extension 1. Any suspected criminal activity must be reported directly to the Sheriff's Department. 
Community Bulletin Boards
Please keep in mind that the wooden boards near the mailboxes are for the use of our community only.  Please check the rules for use of the Bulletin Boards by clicking on the "Boards" icon above, and can be found on the forms page, and FAQ page.  Once you are done with an announcement, please take it off the board, as well as the tacks or staples used to hang it with. 



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