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High Knob Owners Association
For after office hours emergency calls, dial  (540) 665-8675 to reach our answering service.
High Knob Utilities
For water emergencies after business hours, please dial (540) 665-8675
Emergency Information:
Before an emergency happens, be prepared!  Read our "Emergency Evacuation Plan" to be ready in the event the unpredictable happens!

Latest News

Please note that any official news from the High Knob Office is posted here.  We do not manage a Facebook page.


Water Restrictions Lifted

Thanks to the outstanding work of the water management team in finding and completing repairs on a multitude of leaks on the mountain, the water restriction has been lifted.




Many of you are logging the hours you’ve spent on yard work in anticipation of bringing a chipper to the community. Those forms are due in the office on Wednesday, Oct 1. If you need a form, there are copies in the mailbox near the office door or you can download it here:

Thank you!


Pool Closure

With a full vote of the board, the pool will remain closed through the 2020 season. Unfortunately, this is the best solution under the circumstances with COVID 19.

Sincerely, Liz Achey, President



HKOAI Pool Closure

As we have all experienced over the last 4-5 months, the COVID-19 pandemic has created many new situations that we must manage through.  As we hope the peak of this event has passed us and we anxiously work within our community to reopen and return to a sense of normalcy, we are doing so with caution and continued optimism for what we are used to doing this time of year…sun and fun included.

During the last 45 days, the State of Virginia has begun reopening of businesses, parks and striving to get back to normal.  This phased approach is posted and updated at the Virginia Department of Heath COVID-19 site, link provided below.  These plans, though not law, are Executive Orders of the Governor of Virginia and necessitate prudence and compliance to the best of our ability as an Association governed by the laws of the state of Virginia.

The traditional opening of the HKOAI Pool for the Memorial Day weekend fell under the Phase One resumption period.  This phase stipulated that swimming pools, as our area of concern, must remain closed with limited outdoor operations.  Specifically, “Hot tubs, spas, splash pads, spray pools, interactive play features, outdoor basketball courts, racquetball courts, and all seating in pool areas must be closed. Outdoor swimming pools may be open for lap swimming only, with one person per lane. Indoor swimming pools and related areas must remain closed.”  Under these significant limitations to our traditional use within the community, the Board voted to delay opening and review again under the Phase Two and Three guidelines.  We deferred all preparatory actions to the pool opening accordingly to allow the field services team to continue work on other projects within the community which did not have COVID restrictions.

Under Phase Two, gyms, fitness centers, pools and other recreational facilities are able to resume limited operations under specific standards and controls. “Outdoor and indoor swimming pools may be open for lap swimming, diving, exercise, and instruction only and must be limited to no more than three persons per lane with ten feet of physical distance per swimmer.”  The HKOAI Board has specifically assessed our annual pool opening and summer operation against these in detail and with much debate as well as consultation with the Association’s legal counsel.  During the June Board meeting, we again decided to delay opening the 2020 pool season, in spite many of our personal desires to the contrary.

This decision may continue to be controversial within our community and may be risk avoidance in this situation however, as members of the board, we have a responsibility to minimize risks to our community while working together on improvements and identifying and assessing priorities for investments along the way.  We determined that as an Association within the state of Virginia, non-compliance with the Executive Orders is not an option we can wittingly pursue.  With the restrictions on use, the size of our pool and surrounding areas and the controls that would need to be implemented, monitored and adhered to we have chosen to continue to error on the side of caution and delay the opening and will again review and assess under the next phase which would hope will be released quickly.  As detailed in the HKOAI Annual Operating Budget, the funds required for the 2020 pool season remain available and will be carried forward accordingly.  We continue to coordinate with the Field Services team on current projects and the two-week timeline needed to open, treat, and operate the HKOAI Pool in the event we can salvage the remains of the 2020 summer season. 

We share and appreciate the impact of the delayed opening of our pool and hope that this information aids in understanding of our rationale. We will continue to assess this and the many other challenges that face our small community and do our best to work in our collective interests.  We hope to see you at our monthly board meetings, currently held via ZOOM, and hear from you in the interim.'s%20guidelines%20for,is%20a%20three%2Dphase%20plan.&text=Virginia%20is%20now%20in%20Phase,of%20face%20coverings%20in%20public.



​If you are approached by a solicitor on High Knob, please contact the Sheriff's Department @ 540-635-4128.

They can respond to complaints of unlawful solicitation to let the person(s) responsible know they need to stop and leave.  


Coffee and Bagels Group held on Tuesday mornings has been canceled until further notice.

The clubhouse will not be rented out until further notice.







Other News

Please Clean Your Culverts!

Jerry asks that everyone please clean their culverts. The culvert that runs under your driveway is the homeowner’s responsibility to keep it clean.  Clogged culverts cause the water to be diverted into the roadways, which can cause lots of problems. If you don’t clean them yourself, our field services crew will have no choice but to charge a fee of $35.00 to clean it for you. 

After Hours Emergency Answering Service


Please note that our answering service is for emergency calls only. Examples of emergencies include a broken water line, a tree blocking the road, or icy conditions make driving impossible. When an emergency call is received by the answering service, staff are called at home.

If you have a non-emergency message for staff, please call the business office at any time and leave us a message at 540-635-6086 or 540-635-6131.  We will retrieve messages during regular business hours.  Thank you!
Bus Stop News 
HKOAI is working to keep the area of the school bus stop clean and safe. While the Office would like to be informed if problems arise, any problems that cannot be handled by parents and students at the bus stop should be referred to Tony Bernal, the Route Coordinator for the Warren County School System. His telephone number is 540/636-2600, extension 2. His admin can be reached using the same phone number, extension 1. Any suspected criminal activity must be reported directly to the Sheriff's Department. 
Community Bulletin Boards
Please keep in mind that the wooden boards near the mailboxes are for the use of our community only.  Please check the rules for use of the Bulletin Boards by clicking on the "Boards" icon above, and can be found on the forms page, and FAQ page.  Once you are done with an announcement, please take it off the board, as well as the tacks or staples used to hang it with. 



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