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Mountain Driving

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When does the pool open?  

How do I purchase a pool pass?


Memorial Day through Labor Day  Pool is open from 10am-8pm each day.  See "Pool Rules" link for more information about swim times for adults and children.  Swim passes are no cost to members in good standing. Guest are $5 per visit/per person. 

Is it OK to post on the Community Bulletin Boards?  

Are there any rules about posting? YES!


Please click the link to learn about how to go about posting on the Community Bulletin Boards.

Which schools will my children go to?


There are 9 public schools serving Warren County.  There are also about half a dozen private schools in the area.  To find out which school your child will attend click the link.

Is there a policy on parking at the entrance?


Click link to view parking policy.  Parking Passes are available at the office for $5.00 each.  See what the parking passes look like at the "High Knob Shop" Page.  Just click on link.

What kind of wildlife will I see in High Knob?


Depending on the season, you may see deer, turkey, birds, bears & other wildlife not seen as often down in the town of Front Royal!  To prevent bears from becoming a nuisance, please take the precautions mentioned in the link.

Where does my garbage go?


There are garbage & recycling collection sites across the area.  A valid county sticker is required to drop waste at these sites. Residents with out-of-state vehicles can obtain a special High Knob sticker from the county Treasurer's office.


Solid Waste Office, Front Royal:  (540) 636-1543 
10037 Winchester Road, Front Royal, VA

Route 522/340  (PARK & RIDE)

Located 3/10 of a mile south of the junction of Routes I-66 and 522/340 at the VDOT Park and Ride facility.

9823 Stonewall Jackson Highway, Front Royal, VA 

Route 340 South (ROCKLEDGE) –

Located 2 miles south of the junction of South Street & Route 340 just past Skyline Caverns.

47 Blue Mountain Road, Front Royal, VA

Shenandoah Farms (BLUE MOUNTAIN ROAD) 

Located at the corner of Blue Mountain Road and Howellsville Road.


Transfer Station, Bentonville:  (540) 635-7722​

Transfer Station:

232 Shangri-La Road, Bentonville, VA  

Located at the Transfer Station, 9.2 miles south of the junction of South Street to Route 613.  Take a left on 613 for 2.2 miles, then turn right on Route 730.

How do I get in touch with the

Warren County Government?


Warren County, Virginia

220 N. Commerce Ave.

Front Royal, VA 22630

Tel: (540) 636-4600


Check out the website for Warren County by clicking on the link.  You can get a business license, register your dog, apply for a job, find out about the history of Warren County, find recreational activities, and more!

I am worried about winter driving on the mountain.  

Do you have any tips?


If you are new to High Knob, you must realize by now that driving the steep slopes in snow and ice requires a different level of preparedness. Studded snow tires and four-wheel drive are an absolute must, particularly in the high elevations. 

Why is High Knob called a Sanitary District?  

Is there a map of our district?


The term "Sanitary District" actually has nothing to do with sanitation.  It is a government term.  There is a State level government, a County level government, & then then another level down is a "Sanitary District".  We are not part of the town of Front Royal, but are our own district.  Because of the way the government is set up, we pay dues to High Knob twice a year in the form of a tax on our Warren County Tax Bill.

Is there a way to find out my property boundaries, tax value, & who owns the properties around me?  

How do I get a copy of the deed to my house?

Use the link "Warren County GIS"  to find out your property boundaries, tax ID, & tax value of your land & home.  Use address, name, or account number to find your parcel.


You can also obtain a copy of the deed for your specific property by visiting the Records room at the Warren County Courthouse on 1 East Main St. Have your Tax Map number handy.  .

If I want build an addition on my house, put up a shed or fence or change my driveway, are there any regulations concerning this?  What about if I need to replace a tree?


Anyone wishing to change the outside of their house or to erect a fence on his or her property must submit a request (see links) to the Architectural Review Committee for review.  Also, check with Warren County to find out if permits are needed. (see link)


Please also see link to the right to check out the approved tree species list for replacing a tree.


The Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code requires permits for all new construction, additions, alterations/remodeling, demolition, and change of uses.  Driveway dimensions are also specific and are outlined in the "Driveway Dimensions" Policy. (see link)

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