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Important prior to selling a home in High Knob

Please note that signs are prohibited in High Knob.  Please do not post for sale or open house signs.


"HOA fees" are collected through the homeowners' county taxes as Sanitary District fees with the County of Warren. They are not collected in our office. Those fees are then paid to High Knob Owners' Association, Inc. by the county.  The fee per home is $895.00 per year and $544.00 per year for an undeveloped lot.  The county bills half of the taxes in June and the other half in December.  To find out if a homeowner is delinquent in paying their property taxes, please call the County Treasurer's Office at 540-635-2215.


Please contact the High Knob Office at 540-635-6086 or at least 2 weeks before closing in order for us to secure a meter reading and send a final water bill to be collected and sent to us at closing.  As a courtesy, we ask that you please inform us if a contract is canceled.


Sellers should provide new homeowners with a copy of covenants for their specific block and lot (example: 31B1 30 5 on the tax map)so they are made aware of the regulations and restrictions at High Knob.  These would be available at the county clerk's land records office in the Warren County Courthouse through your title search.  If you are the buyer, remember to request the documents with restrictions from your title search company.  We do not have access to these records for all properties at High Knob.  


Important: Once you have contacted us and gone to closing, please inform the new owners that they must come into the office to set up their utility account & sign the membership agreement. 


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